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We exist to break down language barriers and connect people anywhere, anytime.

Our mission is to connect people and businesses globally by offering top-notch language solutions. Our team of experts, who come from diverse backgrounds, is committed to providing exceptional services, including translation and interpretation. We strive to break down language barriers and facilitate communication between individuals and businesses, no matter where they are located.


Defrilex offers fast and accurate language translation and interpretation services using advanced technology and AI-powered tools. Our streamlined system enables us to provide high-quality solutions quickly and efficiently.


The key to delivering outstanding language solutions is having the right team in place. We have a global network of over 200,000 native-speaking experts with years of experience in various industries such as legal, medical, B2B, and more.


At Defrilex, we provide an extensive range of language services that encompass document translation, interpretation, localization, and other related services. Our tailored services are carefully crafted to meet the distinct and specific needs of businesses and individuals worldwide.


Defrilex employs cutting-edge technology and AI-powered tools to deliver language services that are high in value and cost-effective, consistently exceeding client expectations. By staying ahead of the curve, we continue to lead the industry, providing exceptional solutions to our customers.

Empowering better tomorrows.

Defrilex works hard every day to make people’s lives better by providing flexibility to agents, scalable solutions to clients, and meaningful work to employees.

Our Virtual Language Services platform has helped countless enterprises improve their customer experience through exceptional talent, award-winning distance learning platforms, and top-ranking security standards. As the past few years have shown us, Virtual Language service is crucial for navigating uncertainty and attracting the right talent at the right time.

"VirtualFlex: The Future of Language Solutions"

Access Language Solutions Anywhere, Anytime with VirtualFlex”
  • VirtualFlex is the ideal solution for language services in today’s remote work environment. It offers convenient and cost-effective language solutions with a global network of skilled linguists available from anywhere in the world.
Customized and Convenient Language Solutions with VirtualFlex”
  • VirtualFlex provides a level of customization and adaptability that traditional, in-person services cannot match.
1. Tailored solutions

With VirtualFlex, we can easily adapt our language solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. For example, if a client needs a translation for a specific industry, we can assign a linguist with expertise in that field to ensure accuracy and relevancy.

2. Flexibility in schedule

Traditional, in-person language services often require clients to schedule appointments within set business hours. With VirtualFlex, clients can access language services at any time, making it more convenient for them to work around their schedules.

3. Rapid turnaround time

VirtualFlex allows us to work with a global network of skilled linguists who can provide fast turnaround times for language services. This adaptability is especially helpful for urgent or time-sensitive projects.

4. Variety of language services
  1. VirtualFlex enables us to offer a wide range of language services, including translation, interpretation, localization, and more. This flexibility ensures that clients can access the language solutions they need to achieve their objectives.