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Global Language Solutions for Retail & E-Commerce

To succeed in retail, it’s essential to effectively communicate with potential customers regardless of their location. With Defrilex, you can ensure brand consistency and effective customer communication that can make the difference between a lifelong customer and a missed opportunity. We offer localization services in over 200 languages, ensuring your content reaches customers wherever they are in their buying journey. Additionally, our customer support services help you cater to your global audience.


Create a seamless customer experience across multiple channels.

To accelerate

business growth and increase brand awareness, retail companies must develop a strategy that caters to a global audience. Regardless of the product or service, reaching potential customers worldwide is crucial, and effective communication is the key to success. Creating a customer journey accessible in multiple languages is essential to ensuring customer engagement and loyalty.

making your products discoverable

It begins by identifying which languages are most relevant to your audience and making your products discoverable through various channels, such as your website, global marketplaces, or digital marketing campaigns. To support customers throughout their journey, we offer multilingual chatbots and customer service representatives. Trust us to help you create a seamless customer experience across all touchpoints and accelerate your business growth.


Research shows that 90% of consumers prefer to access content in their native language, highlighting the importance of localization in reaching a global audience effectively.

More than half (50%) of all Google queries are in languages other than English, indicating the need for businesses to offer multilingual content to engage with a wider audience.

Localized content can lead to six times more engagement than non-localized content, emphasizing the impact of providing relevant and personalized communication to customers in their preferred language.