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Travel & hospitality

Transform your travel experience with language solutions from Defrilex.

Comprehensive Content Solutions for Global Travel & Hospitality

For organizations operating in the travel and hospitality sector, it is crucial to cater to customers’ needs regardless of their location or mode of transportation. But, have you considered communicating in their preferred language? Studies reveal that 78% of travelers prefer using websites in their native tongue. Prepare to serve clients from all corners of the globe with Defrilex’s comprehensive language solutions.

Tailored Approaches for Every Segment in Travel & Hospitality

It’s crucial for your customers to enjoy a consistent branded experience, regardless of their location, especially in the travel and hospitality sectors. As an airline, hotel, cruise line, car rental, online travel agency, or destination organization, effective communication in your customers’ preferred language plays a vital role in attracting and retaining them. Catering to diverse linguistic preferences can help enhance customer satisfaction and foster brand loyalty in the global market.

Customized Offerings

Our team of seasoned professionals possesses in-depth knowledge and understanding of the requirements and objectives unique to your particular travel niche.

Online Travel s & Agencie

Defrilex offers a comprehensive range of services, from crafting a global content strategy and translating booking engine materials to creating specialized content for various channels.

Additionally, we provide multilingual staff training, call center support in multiple languages, and AI-powered live chat and chatbot solutions to cater to diverse customer needs and preferences.

Defrilex delivers a complete range of services, including the development of global content strategies, the translation of brochures and website content, and the creation of a multilingual onboard app experience for passengers. In addition, we offer staff training in multiple languages and multilingual support through call centers and chatbots, ensuring a seamless and inclusive experience for your customers.

Cruise Lines


Airlines interact with customers at various stages, encompassing travel inspiration, trip planning and booking, customer service, delivering exceptional in-flight experiences, and designing loyalty programs. With passengers originating from diverse locations, it’s essential to offer navigation and communication in their preferred language to build trust and foster brand loyalty.

Defrilex delivers a comprehensive range of services tailored to hospitality companies, including translating property descriptions and booking engine content, devising a global content strategy, and crafting specialized content for multiple channels such as GDS and OTAs. Additionally, we offer staff training in multiple languages and multilingual call center support to ensure a seamless and inclusive customer experience.


Why chose us

Choose Defrilex for tailored language solutions in the travel and hospitality sectors. Benefit from our industry expertise, comprehensive services, multilingual support, quality assurance, customization, multichannel content, staff training, scalability, and customer-centric approach. Elevate your brand's global presence today!