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OUR Industries

Defrilex , a trusted language service provider since 2015, caters to various business industries, delivering fast, accessible, and reliable linguistic solutions to clients' requests worldwide.

im education


Our expertise in facilitating parent-teacher conferences, e-Learning, and Individualized Education Plans enables us to ensure that educators maintain strong connections with families who have limited English proficiency.

Healthcare & Telehealth

Regardless of your healthcare specialization, Defrilex provides a diverse range of services to help you offer the best possible patient experience. Whether you require the translation of benefits materials, on-site or over-the-phone interpretation for patient interactions, or any other language services, Defrilex can assist you



We know exactly what law departments and law firms need because we are experts in legal translation. To guarantee accurate and efficient translations, our team can provide expert technical support for all of your multilingual projects.

Business to Business

Defrilex can serve as an extension of your organization by seamlessly managing your language needs behind the scenes through our strategic partnerships..



From state to county contracts, our interpretation services facilitate seamless connections between individuals in need and government agencies.


Defrilex works in confining substance into north of 200 dialects and giving client care to retailers, assisting them with arriving at their clients, paying little heed to area, and guarantee brand consistency for powerful client correspondence.



With the help of defrilex’s localization services, travel and hospitality businesses can effectively communicate with their customers in the language they prefer, resulting in an exceptional customer experience. Measurements show that 78% of explorers lean toward sites in their local language.

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